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Nature and Geopark

The municipality of Massa Marittima, located within the Geopark of the Metallifere Hills – Tuscan Mining Geopark, (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism), is a territory that preserves intact the wild charm of this part of Maremma where the view is captured by breathtaking views and a luxuriant vegetation, interspersed only by visible traces left by a mining history that has crossed the centuries. A geomorphology that does not need to be presented and that has earned the title of UNESCO Geopark which is the most important visiting card of this authentic portion of Tuscan land. The CAI trail, which is present throughout the territory, sometimes crosses deviations that bear the signs of the Geopark: along them you will have the opportunity to explore geominerary aspects and enjoy unique environments.

The Geopark is also composed by others 6 municipalities of the Grossetane Metallifere Hills and a visit to the most important sites and routes will allow you to get perfectly into the history and geology of the whole area.

Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima is a city of art nestled between the Metalliferous Hills, surrounded by the Maremma countryside and rich in historical, environmental and architectural beauties inherited from a thriving past. From the medieval village, up to the new city, you can walk the ancient and steep alleys that are intertwined in the historic center and climb up to the upper part of the village; here it is easy to find picturesque and characteristic corners and vantage points overlooking the valley to the sea. Many of the most significant places are enclosed by the city square: the marvelous Cathedral of San Cerbone, the Palazzo Comunale, the Fonti that surround the famous fresco of the Abbondanza and the Palazzo del Podestà, the seat of the archaeological museum.
Going up to Cittanuova (New Town) you will find the buildings dating back to the 13th century: the complex of San Pietro all’Orto, with the cloister of Sant’Agostino, the Torre del Candeliere and the Sienese Fortress. Tourism is becoming the driving force of the town: in addition to its historical-monumental heritage, museums, the city offers various hiking opportunities, from trekking, to cycle-tourism, to horse riding.
The city is surrounded by the typical vegetation of the place: from the thick and low bush, to the bushes of laurel and broom, to the stems of holm oaks and strawberry trees.
Particularly interesting and suggestive, for tourists and visitors, are the main events that take place every year in the city: Balestro del Girifalco, Toscana Fotofestival, Lirica in Piazza and Calici sotto le Stelle.

The Sea

In Maremma, the sea contains the beauty of an uncontaminated land. From north to south, you will find real natural jewels: the fine beach, sometimes almost white or shiny, alternates with the rocks, thus guaranteeing a diversity of the sea bed that is unique in the world.
Coming down from the north, we meet the sparkling Gulf of Baratti and the delightful Punta Ala, the sand is colored with a thousand shades. You can enjoy long walks and sand sculpture, or enjoy kite surfing or other activities such as sailing or diving.
Continuing our descent, we find Castiglione della Pescaia, which alternates beaches and rocks, creating a small natural paradise. Do not miss the beaches in the Parco dell’Uccelina, in Alberese.
Do not forget the beautiful islands, the Giglio, the Island of Elba and Giannutri, unique in their landscapes, among the green of the Tuscan bush colored with flowers, and the crystalline sea.

Places of Art and History

In about 30 minutes drive from Massa Marittima you can visit:

  • the Abbey of San Galgano, one of the most evocative places in the itineraries of Tuscan spirituality.
  • Populonia, an ancient Etruscan settlement, named Fufluna or Pupluna, the only Etruscan city built along the coast. The acropolis of the historic city corresponds to today’s Poggio del Castello and Poggio del Telegrafo, located at the south-western end of the Gulf of Baratti.

In about 1 hour by car from Massa Marittima it is possible to reach:

  • Volterra, famous for the extraction and processing of alabaster, which was one of the main city-states of ancient Tuscany (Etruria).
  • Siena, a city universally known for its huge historical and artistic heritage and for its substantial stylistic unity of medieval urban furniture, as well as for the famous Palio.
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